Light Manufacturing


Manufacturing has been outsourced to a point where it has damaged our economy by putting far too many Americans out of the job market. This has also increased the divide between the “haves” and “have-nots.” There is no quick fix for the situation. However, an initial start by providing help to new manufacturing entrepreneurs, small existing manufacturers, etc., jobs can once again be labeled “Made in America.” By utilizing retired experts in manufacturing, solutions needed will surface.

MNEDC as a facilitator will find funds, and any other needs for the manufacturing community to come together in success. A training program will be added to the mix. MNEDC plans to aid manufacturing starts with anyone having ideas, to add growth, get in touch immediately with MNEDC.


Harlem Technology

MNEDC partnership with Harlem Tech Week supports the narrative of empowering marginal neighborhoods that are underserved in the tech market.

Harlem Tech Week (HTW) is a tech conference providing support for underserved small businesses and entrepreneurs to excel in technology. HTW’s mission is to create a platform where tech leaders and startups can find solutions to problems stemming from a lack of diversity in technology. The conference is a gateway to host healthy, inspirational dialogue, coupled with workshops, pitch events and networking venues.