In New York City, the housing situation has reached epidemic proportions. There are seasonal, temporary solutions (see attached article). They do not help to solve the attending problems of homelessness or the attending social problems. True affordable housing is still the best solution to date for alleviating this staggering problem.

Money for temporary shelters is maintained by the City with a budget of $1.6 billion annually. This money is enriching hotels and social service programs, but not the people living under these conditions (see attachments a, b, c and d). A portion of the $1.6 billion would go a long way towards implementing a more permanent solution. The working homeless has been ignored for far too long; hence, the need for true affordable housing. The present day affordable housing is based on incomes starting at $23/24 thousand dollars annually which leaves workers earning less than these amounts unable to be considered for these houses.


MNEDC, a Non-Profit Quasi-Government Organization is in a position to bring true affordable housing to underserved communities through direct development or helping other groups bring to fruition homes in marginal neighborhoods. Please contact us!